170th Celebration


170 Years Young



Liverpool YMCA has a long and proud history of supporting vulnerable people, whilst also developing and progressing as a charity. We have seen many changes over the last 170 years. Originally established to address the social problems within Liverpool in 1846, a significant element of our history has been focused on helping young people in the City of Liverpool, giving them safe spaces to come and access sports, information and advice.

Over the last 170 years Liverpool YMCA has steadily grown and developed, increasing its reach to offer services to all people; men and women of all ages and backgrounds, providing support in various forms all tailored to people’s individual needs. The charity is continuing to grow and thrive, adding new services and projects all the time. Liverpool YMCA now offers 170 beds across the city including hostel accommodation, refuges, special intensive services and dispersed flats in the community. All dedicated to providing a person centred, psychologically informed approach to accommodation based support.

On 15th July we celebrated at The Brink, Liverpool. Staff, residents and trustees got together to talk about what made Liverpool YMCA so unique and what it had done for them personally.

‘A happy and save place to bring my son to.’

‘A happy team making a difference.’

‘Team work makes the team work’

‘A hostel like no other.’

‘A wonderful place in times of need’

‘A place of safety where the love and peace of god is there, with staff that accept you as a part of the family.’

‘My home away from home.’

‘Giving a sense of support and purpose though wonderful project like Dutch farm.’

‘A great place to work’

‘Nice as PIE and clever as CAT’

Liverpool YMCA continue to celebrate 170 years of supporting the community and are planning future events.

To find out more about YMCA Liverpool’s birthday celebrations, or to find out how you can support our work please contact nikki.melia@liverpoolymca.org.uk

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