Poem Workshop 2015


Matty has been stationed on the front desk at The City of Liverpool YMCA for many years; he is the stable, trusted and reliable face of the service Liverpool YMCA provides for the City. A few years back he was part of a drama workshop, staff and residents used improvisation and poetry to express their thoughts, feelings and anxieties, these being current or historic.

When the Dome was officially opened at Dutch Farm in 2015 the group preformed their poems on a glorious day, out in the open. Below are some of the poems, ‘Untilled’ was written by Matty about an incident in his early years which has affected him for the rest of his life. Get out of my Life was written by a service user who was unable to perform it on the day so was preformed by Matty, and finally, The Keeper of the Keys was written by the tutor specifically for Matty in his front of house roll, and anyone who knows him, I’m sure will recognise him.




Mathew Roberts


The older boys surrounded the younger in a circle like the bars of a cage.

The younger boy thought to himself ‘what a start to the new term in a new school.’

All the old dreads come back, memories of the last school of similar circles.

Similar taunts –

‘No more,’ said the youngster to himself.

I have to stop this and end the suffering.

So squaring his shoulders he sought the biggest boy in the circle pointing to him and he said ‘you and me over there.’

Not giving the older boy change to move – the younger attacked with a punch to the older boy’s nose.

There was a stunned silence except for the howls of the bully as his nose gushed crimson.

Looking around the circle of stunned faces – the youngster said ‘anybody else want some’ – no one answered.

So turning around the youngster walked off, pushing the stunned crowd away and was never bothered again.



Get Out of My Life



I’ve got a pain in my side

And it’s down to you.

My eyes are raw like liver

They used to be sky blue!


I used to be jack the lad!

Knew all the ducks and dives.

Had all the chicks on call,

Was someone in their lives!


But you have taken all my life

My hopes . . . . . . . . My dreams . . . . . . it’s true.

When I started I was smart!

My troubles all come from you.


People just don’t know me

They think they know the score

But I cannot give you up

I keep going back for more


I don’t want you in my life

Don’t want you any more

Coz I’m on the brink

I hate you, hate you,

You bring my strife

You’re no friend . . . . . . . . . . you’re drink!



Keeper of the Keys


Preformed my Mathew Roberts.


I am the guardian of the door

The keeper of the key

Your first point of call

It’s me that you will see


I watch as you walk up stairs,

Or in the lift ascend

I’ll see you at the break of day

And at the long days end


My phone it rings the whole day through

I’m always on the go

If you’ve got any sort of question

The answer I will know


I listen to the lonely insomniac at half past four

Pass on messages, name, number, even floor,

There isn’t a story I’m yet to here,

It might involve, drugs, a woman, gambling, beer


Don’t try to put one over

Don’t tell me any lies

I’ve seen it all before m’lad

I’m street and worldly wise


I’ll play ball with you

If you play ball with me.

You see I’m on your side lad

A friend to you I’ll be


I know that like is tough lad,

Bad cards are sometimes dealt

Sometimes you lose your way lad

Memories don’t melt


I hope your time is short here

I hope that you’ll more on

I hope you find a different path

Than the one you’re upon


Till that day

And it will come

My face each day you’ll see

Coz I’m the guardian of the door,

The keeper of the key.