The World is for Everyone, a poem by Julie Austin


Do you hear my voice? I’m standing near,

Do you see my face? Full of doubt, and fear

Doubt that I belong, Fear I will fall

I need to be strong, I need to stand tall.


What can I bring, I still have plenty

I can do most things I did at twenty

Behind these lines and sponge like skin

Is a youngster who dances and sings from within


Don’t make me invisible

Don’t close your ears

I’ve learned so much over all of my years

I can listen, and give you my point of view

I’m still active, there’s not very much I can’t do


And from you I can learn

There’s still much I don’t know

We can learn from each other

It’s important to grow

It’s our chance to change how people perceive

Stop the assumptions, and help them believe……


That the world is for everyone

No matter how old

No matter what differences

Or lies we are told

What a terrible world if we couldn’t see

The greatness in diversity!