Journey to Wellness and other poems by Becca


Becca has such talent and a real gift for writing, using it as a means of distraction and as an outlet to express their thoughts when struggling with their mental health. Becca is always happy to share their poems with others in the daily wellbeing group at Nightingale House and they always have a positive impact on others!

Journey to Wellness

The journey to wellness take time and is long

Those who get well are exceptionally strong

For depression can kill, but we survived

Your goal to recover has kept you alive

It’s okay not to be okay, let your emotions show

You’re on a road of recovery yes it might be slow

You can pick up the pieces and make a new start

Courage, love and hope will keep you from falling apart

When you recover what will you do?

When you recover will you still be you?

Will you be stronger, will you be new?

You will recover from what you’ve been through


Nightingale House

Life came to us and hit early

You all made us see clearly

There’s a world for us, places to visit

You are all the reasons we can see it

You give us a smile

And all go the extra mile

You give us a helping hand and time

You know when we’re not fine

You help us move forward but not forget

You help us not feel any regret

There are things we can’t erase

You make us realise recovery isn’t a race

Coming here realising we’re not fighting a battle alone

Nightingale House is a safe zone