Activities Volunteer

Closing date: February 18th, 2024

Volunteer role: 

 Activities Volunteer  

Responsible to:  Service Manager 
Responsible for:  N/A 
Volunteering hours:  To be agreed  
Location:  Leeds Street 
What you will receive from us: 


  • Travel to and from the service 
  • Lunch allowance- dependent on hours 
  • Training courses tailored to your role such as, safeguarding, health and safety and professional boundaries 
  • Volunteer support group 
  • Support from a volunteer buddy 


YMCA Together is a registered charity and company Limited by Guarantee. We were founded in 1846 and so we build on a long history of providing a place for people experiencing challenging times in their lives. 

YMCA Together is a truly value driven organisation. 

Our vision is that everyone should feel safe, understood, empowered and positive for their future. We meet our vision by working within our values of Strength, Humility, Respect, Empathy and Kindness. These SHREK values run through all that we do from recruitment to how we work alongside people in our services to our partnership approach with other providers. 

Our clear vision and values come together to help us in our mission to inspire and support people to change their lives by instilling hope, valuing the person and maximising potential. 


Activities Volunteer Role Purpose 


To work as part of the team to enhance the lives of our residents to encourage engagement and enable our support staff to maintain quality services. The volunteer will develop positive relationships with residents across YMCA Together services by supporting social interaction and mental stimulation for residents within service experiencing challenging times.  The volunteer will help facilitate and co-ordinate activities with the focus on supporting the residents to engage in these activities and with the team and other residents. 






Duties and Responsibilities 


  1. Facilitate residents’ participation in community activities, fostering a sense of belonging and connection. 
  1. Tailor activities based on residents’ interests, ensuring each experience is enjoyable and meaningful. 
  1. Offer residents choices in selecting activities, empowering them to contribute to the planning process. 
  1. Develop effective communication skills to engage residents in conversations during activities, enhancing their overall experience. 
  1. Be adaptable to residents’ preferences and changing circumstances, allowing for spontaneity and flexibility in planning activities. 
  1. Maintain records of residents’ favourite activities and feedback, creating a resource for future planning and ensuring a personalized approach. 
  1. Be culturally sensitive when activities, considering diverse backgrounds and preferences among residents. 
  1. Responsible for supporting the engagement and involvement of residents across YMCA Together services 
  1. Facilitate residents to build their skills and confidence, so that their participation and contributions are maximised and that they are able to express their views  
  1. Plan, co-ordinate or deliver activities individual and group activities, to keep residents engaged, involved and included within the service 
  1. Seek involvement and ideas from residents to develop new activities within the service.  These can include art, music, exercise, cooking, dance, board games, quizzes and more. All activities to be agreed prior to them being undertaken by the Service Manager 
  1. The post holder may be required to undertake additional duties commensurate with the level of this role. 




Resident and Visitor Involvement and Engagement 



  • Encourage involvement, participation and co-production from residents  
  • Provide a safe, welcoming environment for all with excellent standards and an ethos of service delivery that encourages residents to engage.  With an understanding and belief in the inclusion of all irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, age, religion, ability, identity, and experience 
  • Ensure that all activity and engagement with residents complies with safeguarding legislation, policies and procedures. 




Health and Safety 



  • Ensure at all times the safety of yourself and others on the premises in which you volunteer 

              Report, log and communicate all incidents to the appropriate people 

  • Ensure adherence to YMCA Together policies and procedures when conducting activities, carrying out risk assessments prior to activities taking place. 



Internal Relationships 



  • Excellent communication with all YMCA Together staff and residents 
  • Flexible and positive approach 
  • To be committed to learning and personal development both as an individual and as part of a team 
  • Sharing information and expertise with the team 







  • Uphold and develop YMCA Equal Opportunities policy of anti-discrimination across all services 
  • Ensure compliance with code of conduct, always including professional boundaries and confidentiality 
  • Report all safeguarding incidents 
  • Familiarise yourself with and ensure compliance with all YMCA policies and procedures. 


The volunteer will be expected to carry out other duties consistent with the responsibilities of the volunteer post and to demonstrate flexibility in all areas of their work including the willingness to attend training if required. 


It is recognised that the association operates in a dynamic environment and as such this role description may be varied in consultation with the volunteers to reflect the evolving needs of the business and changing nature of the role. 





Person Specification- Activities Volunteer 

  Essential   Desirable 



   First Aid Training 






Experience in planning and coordination of activities and events for individuals and group participation  Previous experience of working in the voluntary or statutory sector  

Experience and good understanding of involvement and participation 









An understanding of relevant health and safety issues in respect of activities and event organising 


Able to interpret and apply guidelines and documentation relevant to the role  

Conducting risk assessments 







Ability to communicate.  

Patience, tolerance, and flexibility 


A pro-active approach, self-motivated and enthusiastic with a good level of initiative, innovative and imaginative thinking 
Behavior/ Attributes 










Creative and enjoys social interactions 

A calm demeanor with a relatable and open behavior 

Friendly, empathetic and approachable with a welcoming inclusive approach 


An awareness of the importance of professional boundaries and confidentiality 

Ability to interact and inspire 

Enjoys social interaction and the company of others, joins in local activities to encourage resident 



Experience of or an interest in working with people with complex needs or challenging behaviors 

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