Your Space – A blog from Kieran Bohan


Opening and blessing of Your Space

As chaplain for Liverpool YMCA, I was delighted this month to be asked to open and bless the newly refurbished activity room at YMCA Leeds Street.

Following consultation with residents, the new name for the room was chosen as ‘Your Space’.

‘Your Space’ has been redesigned to be a bright, comfortable and practical space for quiet chats between residents and support workers, and a range of activities to enable residents to learn and develop during their time at Liverpool YMCA.

Residents have given positive feedback about the new look of the room, saying it looks and feels comfortable and welcoming.

Some residents and staff joined me on Wednesday 13th June for the official opening of ‘Your Space’ and enjoyed the company and refreshments. I reminded all who came that the dedication of a space like this is an invitation from all who use it to commit to working together to keep it a safe and comfortable space for all, where residents and staff can share in positive experiences of community.

As I cut the ribbon across the door, I shared these words of blessing:

Peace to this place and to all who enter here.

O God, this is Your Space – let your light shine upon this place and all who live and work here. Scatter any darkness. Protect and guide those who live and work here in ways of justice and truth. Make it a healing light and bring right relationships and mutual respect for all who live here and all who support them. Make this a warm and hospitable place. Fill it with love and laughter. Bless the work done here with meaning and purpose, productivity and success. May all who enter here know your care and compassion. Amen

May the Lord watch over your going out and your coming in, now and always. Amen.